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Product Name Arcana 22 RTA
Item NO. AR220001
Weight 0.5 kg = 1.1023 lb = 17.6370 oz
Volume 0.5 CBM
Category Atomizer
Brand Arcana Mods
Creation Time 2022-10-25

"Arcana 22 RTA"

- Available early/mid November 2022 -

22 Arcana tarot cards, 22 mm diameter, developed in 2022: The Arcana 22 RTA is the new high-end rebuildable atomizer from the cooperation between the Asian modder "Arcana Mods" and PIPELINE.
This evaporator is designed for MTL vapes as well as for RDL and DL vapes (up to a maximum of 2.6 mm air, with the optionally available RDL or DL air screws ). The Arcana 22 RTA is optically kept simple, with its small evaporator chamber it is very flavorful and easy to use; if you turn the top cap anti-clockwise, the liquid control is closed and theOpen the top cap , turn it clockwise to close the top cap and open the liquid control again.
The tank holds 3.5 ml of liquid despite the low height of only 34.5 mm. A 2 ml nano tank is also available as an option, with which the evaporator can be reduced to a height of 29 mm. The scope of delivery includes 4 airflow screws, which can be easily screwed in via the 510 positive pole without having to remove the winding. The adjustable airflow control can be used to regulate both the fine adjustment and the air speed.

The Arcana 22 RTA is made of high-quality 316L stainless steel and comes with both a glass and a PSU tank . When installed, no O-rings are visible.
The positive pole is adjustable, the deck is generously dimensioned for easy installation of the winding.
The drip tip is in two parts, the base is made of stainless steel, the mouthpieces are made of POM and are compatible with the Chariot mouthpieces . 

Note: This is a rebuildable atomizer. It is delivered without winding, this must be done by yourself.
Rebuildable atomizers are suitable for advanced vapers.

Winding Instructions Arcana 22 RTA:


- Twist and pull the tank up to detach it from the base.
- Prepare a winding (we recommend a winding with an inner diameter of 2.5mm) and position it between the poles. Slide the wire ends into the slots provided and tighten the terminal screws. Remove the wire ends, these must not come into contact with other components.
- The 510 positive pole with 1.2 mm air nozzle pre-installed in the scope of delivery can be replaced at any time with a slotted screwdriver.




- Carefully pull the cotton through the winding.
- Cut both cotton ends flush to the base (22 mm) or alternatively at an angle. For best results, we recommend cutting the cotton at an angle.


- Thin out the ends of the cotton as needed (this is not absolutely necessary if the cotton is cut at an angle) and place them in the cotton pockets provided on the deck. You can now adjust the height of the coil if needed to tailor the vaping experience to your habit. However, we recommend leaving the height of the winding as intended.


Turn the top cap anti-clockwise to close the liquid supply and open the top cap . You can now remove the top cap and fill the tank with liquid through the two slots above the tank .
Turning the top cap clockwise closes the top cap and opens the liquid control. Your vaporizer is now ready for use.


For transport, you can close the liquid control of the evaporator by turning the tank counterclockwise and open it again after transport by turning it clockwise.
The tank can also be pulled upwards when full, but should not be tilted. Alternatively, the filled tank can also be removed overhead.

Dimensions without mouthpiece :

height: 34.5 mm (without drip tip )
diameter: 22 mm


- Stainless steel components: 316L stainless steel
- Tank sleeves: Glass and PSU
Mouthpieces : POM
- Insulators: PEEK


- Generous filling from above
- Glass and PSU - Tank
- No O-rings visible
- Liquid Control (continuously adjustable)
- Close LC and remove top cap with a twist
- Very small evaporator chamber, for a particularly intense taste
- Generous deck for easy installation of the winding
PEEK isolator
- 4 AFC pins, changeable via the 510 positive pole, even with the winding installed
- External airflow control for fine adjustment of the air or the air speed (6 levels)
MTL , RDL (with optionally available AFC pins) and DL  ( with optionally available AFC pins)
- 316L stainless steel
- Adjustable positive pole 
- 510 connector

Scope of delivery:

1 x Arcana 22 RTA with glass tank
1 x Arcana 22 Driptip Base with Arcana 22 mouthpiece made of POM
1 x mouthpiece "curvy short" made of POM
1 x PSU tank 4 x AFC screw (0.8mm ,
1.0mm, 1.2mm pre-installed and 1.4mm)
1 x spare parts (O-rings, screws and insulators)
1 x instruction manual

Warranty and Guarantee:

2 year statutory warranty.
6 months warranty (not on wearing parts)

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